Monday, September 2, 2013


As I have mentioned in previous posts, the Highland House restaurant sponsors classic car rallies each Tuesday evening during the summer months.  I thought I would post a few more photos that I took from the most recent of those rallies, probably the final ones that I will this summer.

As usual, I found myself taking shots of details of the cars rather than trying to capture the entire vehicle.  One of the drawbacks in doing this is that I frequently fail to identify the car I am photographing, as in the following shot of a 1930s model.

I did like the lines, color, and the clouds being reflected in the car's trunk and back quarter panel.

But here is a detail shot that I was able to identify, a 1959 Buick LeSabre.

Here my goal was to isolate the car's distinctive tailfin assembly, which I did by taking a close-up with lens's aperture opened up to f/4 to minimize depth of field.  Note the reflection of the name plate in the chrome bumper.

Here is a detail from a 1957 Chevy that I have shot before.  I turned this into a black & white to emphasize the weird lines in the reflections in the concave chrome below the "bullet" feature.

One of the rallies featured "orphan" cars, makes that are no longer manufactured, including this Corvair.

Not a great shot, but I was interested in the reflection of the name in the panel below.

That same rally featured a superbly restored Excalibur, and I took a couple of shots of its hood.

One thing I have learned is that dark colored cars are much easier to photograph than are light colored ones, and the above shots nicely illustrate that point.

One of the rallies featured Corvettes.  Here is a shot of the hood of one of those Corvettes.

The light reflecting off the front edge of the hood scoop (or whatever it is called) gave the shot something of an artificial quality that I liked.

And one of the Corvettes at that rally in my opinion was a real standout.  Here is a shot of its rearview mirror, one of my favored subjects.

A goal here was to isolate the mirror from the background.  But I also liked the way the warm evening sun was reflecting off the chrome strip below the side windows.

This car also featured a custom hood that was distinguished by the special grating as well as by a subtle striped pattern visible in its special paint finish.  Pretty amazing, really.



  1. Hi John, I'm an advertising student and I was wondering if I could use one of your images in a project for school? The image wouldn't be sold in any way, and only used for educational purposes. Please let me know! Thank you and love the blog!

  2. Should be OK. Curious as to which photo and the nature of the project. I have done a number of posts on classic cars, as you may know.