Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We last visited the Baha'i temple in Wilmette, Illinois in early June of this year (see my post of 6/5/13).  We decided to pay another visit on our way home from Chicago this last weekend.  On our first visit we had brilliant sunshine in a cloudless sky.  This time was different; it was overcast with a threat of rain.  Even so, the temple remained stunningly beautiful.  Here is the initial shot I took in front of a reflecting pool leading up to one of the temple's entrances.

As we approached the pool, I wanted to capture both the temple and its reflection in the pool, something I could not do from my vantage point and with the lens that I have.  So here is a shot of the reflecting pool with a portion of the temple.

And still a third of basically just the reflecting pool.

The pool appears blue because it is lined with mosaic tiles that are predominantly of a blue color.

On our previous visit I took a large number of shots including many that were non-symmetric.   This time, perhaps because of the light, I contented myself with just a few shots and focused on those showing off the temple's symmetry.

Finally, below are a couple of shots of the side of the temple that includes the entrance to the welcome area in the building's lower level.

No photography is allowed in the building's interior, and the grounds seem to be open to the public at all times, so I presume one could pay a visit to the temple at other times to take photos.  It might be interesting to see what would be available early on a sunny morning when the light is horizontal and warmer.


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