Sunday, October 11, 2015


Following our visit to Orvieto, our group traveled to the Zeppelin Cooking School on the Casa Segreta farm outside of the town.  It was great fun and included a terrific dinner.

Here first is our host, Chef Lorenzo Polegri, showing us around his vineyards.

And a closeup of some the fall harvest.

Back at the school, our host demonstrated how to make homemade pasta and invited a number of our group to try their hand at the process (which meant basically that they got to chop up some of the pasta that he had rolled out).  I considered myself fortunate to have been spared public participation in that lesson.

But the meal, which included the pasta that some of us chopped up plus much more, was terrific, and to top things off, we were treated to an evening rainbow.



  1. How interesting the cooking school and the pictures of the hosts. Love the picture of the grapes and especially the rainbow..

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