Sunday, October 11, 2015


Orvieto was a delightful Umbrian town.  On the day of our visit it was filled with tourists but never seemed terribly crowded.   Here is a bust of the town father, Orvieto.

Because of the tourist activity, it seemed to have more than its share of retail shops, particularly ceramics.  Here are a few examples of those wares.

These ceramics were quite well done.  Here is a closeup of the above piece.  We wound up buying a ceramic spoonrest as a souvenir.

Scattered around town also were a number of mounted boars' heads (the town mascot?) and in one case a complete stuffed boar.  Here's a shot of Geri checking out the authenticity of one of the boars' heads.  Real, she said.

We also wandered down a street that included a number of examples of contemporary public art fabricated out of wood.  I thought the art was delightful--and perhaps a welcome change of pace from the high dose of Renaissance art that we had absorbed over the prior 10 days.  And I got a number of images, including the following.

Of course, this last was not one of those.  I think it was part of a sign for a dance studio.  Clever, I thought.

And then there were the standard images that I kept finding myself shooting wherever we went.

I found myself attracted to this last shot because of the sheen worn into the cobblestones of this pass-through.


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