Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The Third Ward sits just south of Milwaukee's commercial district.  Originally, it was largely an industrial area, and until a couple of decades ago it was cluttered largely with abandoned factories and warehouses.  But more recently it has been going through a renaissance, with many of the old buildings being replaced with or converted to restaurants, shops, and condo developments.  Earlier in July I spent a weekend morning in the Third Ward looking for photo opportunities.  Here is some of what I found.

I have this romantic infatuation with alleys, and certainly there are plenty of alleys in the Third Ward.  However, they don't seem to have the panache that I had hoped for.  Here is an alley scene that I did retain.  Meh.

Perhaps the following technically is also an alley shot, or at least an alley wall shot.  I liked it because of the shadows cast by the horizontal support structures and the texture of the bricks in the wall.

Maybe I shouldn't be put off by dumpsters and random refuse.  Maybe I should give up on aesthetically interesting scenes and just document the alleys.  But to what purpose? . . . I'm not sure.

One of the more popular restaurants in the Third Ward is Cafe Benelux.  Here is a shot of its interesting al fresco tables and chairs.

The area includes a variety of architectural styles from the last 120 years, as in the following shot, where I wanted to feature parts of three different building styles.

There there were a few shots I turned into black & whites:

Shadows on a spiral walkway.

Fire escape stairways.

And an unusual metal grate.


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