Saturday, October 25, 2014


During our journey from Carmona to our next parador in Ronda, we spent a couple of hours at an olive oil facility, sort of like visiting a winery.   We were treated to a sampling of the facility's various olive oil products, including a small dish of chocolate ice cream laced with an olive oil topping that was actually good!

Here is a shot of our able guide.

A photo of olives in situ.

A couple of photos of the lovely facility.

And finally a shot of a lion's tail agave that I happened to spy.

A few facts I learned about olive oil:  (a) Spain produces more olive oil than Italy.  (b) 97 percent of olives are used to produce olive oil; less than 3 percent are consumed as olives.  And (c) olive oil does not taste like olives.

Then it was on to Ronda.


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  1. I love the pictures but especially the one of you and Geri outside of the place you stayed at. The detail shots were excellent too.