Monday, October 20, 2014


I am winding up the posts on the Lisbon leg of our trip with some semi-miscellaneous photos of general city scenes and of people.

First, on a walking tour, our director Alberto took us on a funicular ride to the top of one of Lisbon's many hills,

. . . pretending to take command of the controls.

Here's a look back down the hill at the trolley going the other way.

From a park at the top of the hill we had panoramic views of the city to the north and east in the evening light.

We walked back down the hill through the city's narrow streets that date back to Medieval times.

One of my photographic goals for the trip was to include candid shots of people.

OK, so this was not a candid shot and I didn't even take it.  This is of Geri and me along with our friends, Mark and Julie Peterson, enjoying some cherry sherry at a stand in one of the city's squares.  (Alberto appears to be photo-bombing the shot.)  When I got in line for the drinks, I didn't know if they were free or were 5 euro each.  Turns out they were 1.35 euro each, not a bad price for the experience.

So here are some actual candid people shots.  One of my goals with these and other candid shots was to include not just the individual but also the context.

I felt badly for the paraplegic outside the Monastery of Jeroniomos and was happy to see others answer her call for alms.

Finally, I liked this shot of two men in an animated discussion, requiring both to be gesturing at the same time.


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