Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I returned to the MACC Fund Car Show again this year.  Same show, similar cars as the last time I went in 2012.  Here are some of what I got, starting with more traditional shots.

It was a sunny afternoon, and many of the cars were highly polished.  Occasionally in the past I have tried to minimize the reflections in the cars' sheet metal.  Here I decided that it might be preferable to emphasize those reflections, to bring attention to the high gloss, something I could enhance to an extent in post processing.

I found myself liking the effect, which had some of the appearances of high dynamic range (HDR) shots, but without having to combine multiple images to achieve the effect.

This show had its share of novelty cars, and  I caught a few.

I thought the following plate also fit into this category.

Historically, grilles have been a point for design emphasis, and here are a few.

The paint job on this last car was extremely well done.

My favorite shot, though, was an abstract of a grille showing the grille bars as reflections in the sheet metal below.


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  1. Wow What great pictures. The ones around here are all modified. Fran used to say they ruioned them. Thanks for sharing.