Saturday, September 6, 2014


Holy Trinity Catholic Church is located in South St. Paul, Minnesota.  It is neither large nor architecturally distinctive, but it happens to be where Geri and I were married 43 years ago.

Here is the front elevation of the church, which was built in 1942 for what was then a primarily Polish-American congregation.

The church is located in a modest working class neighborhood.  The day I visited the weather was stormy, and I took this shot of a neighboring house positioned beyond a densely leafed tree and with a threatening sky in the background.

Here are a few shots of the interior.

As I said, modest and unadorned.  The bright ceiling helped me cope with the low lighting in the interior.

The church does sport a rose window above the choir loft at the rear of the nave.

Very basic.

The exterior is actually more interesting than the interior, beginning with the stone work surrounding the front entrance.

Note that each of the bas relief columns has a different surface design.

The church also owns a fairly impressive statue of an angel.

But more interesting were the faux gargoyles lining the underside of the roof above the sanctuary.

Even though the church is architecturally modest, it appears to be very well maintained both inside and out.

Admittedly, it was fun to go back to the church for the first time since we were married in 1971.


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  1. Such beautiful Church. The Catholic Churches are know for the beauty in their churches. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing