Friday, February 3, 2012


Our hotel in New York was located only 1/2 block east of Times Square, and we had ample opportunity to walk around the area, which extends several blocks on a north-south basis.  Again, coming from Milwaukee, I was struck by the amount of light in Times Square, even (or perhaps especially) later at night and thought it would be pretty simple to get some good shots of the scene.  Not the case.

Although the signage was highly illuminated, that did not mean that the overall scene was well-lit (at least from a camera's sensor's point of view).  In other words, there was a great variation between the lighted signs, etc. and the street scene, which was still quite dark.  I started taking photos at an ISO of 400 but soon decided that I could move to 200 and still have an adequate shutter speed.  Here are some early shots.

 I finally realized that these shots were not providing much of a human perspective, so in subsequent shots I tried to incorporate the people scene as well, including cars.

I pretty much had my 24-120 lens set as wide-angle as possible, but it would have been nice to have had more of a true wide angle lens to capture these scenes.

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