Friday, July 21, 2017


I have always been impressed (probably over-impressed) with street art, perhaps because I have no artistic ability personally.

Over the last year the alley behind the Oriental Theater on Farwell Avenue on Milwaukee's East Side has been designated as an authorized venue for street artists and it now includes a wide variety of such art.  I did a post on the venue previously and recently returned to see what changes or additions had occurred.

One of the best murals, of a bullfrog, is actually at the south side outside the alley.  Here is a peek at the mural.

And a reflection of the mural in windows across the street.

One of the larger--and more powerful--pieces is a tribute, as I understand it, to the African American experience with the prison system.

The artwork varies in quality.  Some is very well done in my view.

Others, not so much.

Some of the smaller pieces are actually at ground level, and it isn't entirely clear that they were intended as part of the overall exhibition.  But they are interesting.

Finally, the following is perhaps the mural, as unpleasant at it appears to me, after which the exhibit was named.


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  1. Very interesting photos. Loved the guy's foot and the butterflies