Monday, May 15, 2017


In our recent trip to New Mexico, we spent two and a half days in Santa Fe.  Despite the spotty weather, we enjoyed exploring the streets of this charming, art-filled town.  Here are some photos I got, including this tree posed against a cloudy sky.

I seem to have a compulsion to photograph colonnaded walkways.  Perhaps it is a result of my fetish for symmetry or semi-symmetry.  I was attracted to the following, running in front of the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, because of the painted columns.

I liked this second shot because the couple walking toward me provided some perspective.  I also liked the light reflecting off the brick walkway.  Light makes a big difference.

I liked the shot below, despite the fact that the light was flat.  The gates provided a framing effect.  In addition, at an aperture of f/11, the shot is sharp throughout.

I also find myself taking a lot of photos of doorways.

The city also features a good deal of public art, including sculpture.  The following statue was located next to the public library doorway.

Despite the general overcast weather, I often try to photograph statuary against the sky to dramatize the sculpture, as in the following shot of a native American falconer.  Generally, bronze sculpture doesn't not show well in color, so I often convert such shots to black and white.


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  1. pictures are pretty neat. Love the black and white