Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Santa Fe is known for its adobe.  In fact, in certain historical portions of the city, there are strict rules requiring the use of adobe construction, or at least adobe style.  During our recent visit, at times the architecture seemed a bit tiresome, particularly the material's matte brown color.  Still, it does have its charms.  Here are a few of the photos I took featuring that iconic style.

First, a shot featuring adobe as a standard building facade.  Here I felt I needed to spruce up the shot a bit by capturing a couple fortuitously walking by.

Following is another shot I took in bright sunlight following a rain.  (Note the wet adobe along the top edges of the walls.)

These shots point out that photographing adobe is much aided by stark light and shadows.  Here's another shot of a hotel "done" in adobe that also featured strong late afternoon sunlight.

I had taken another photo of this same hotel at a different time of day when the light was softer.  I wound up converting the photo to a black and white and darkened the sky, leaving the adobe looking almost white.

Here is another photo that I converted to a black and white and took at an unusual angle, in an attempt to create a more interesting composition.

Finally, is a shot the composition of which I particularly liked.

Perhaps I was lucky in capturing the way that the surrounding structural features seem to lead the eye in a spiral toward the window that is peeking out from the center of the image.  Later I returned to see if I could improve on the above shot.  But the light was flat and image had nowhere near the depth that the above shot features.


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