Thursday, May 18, 2017


The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi (aka St. Francis Cathedral) is located in Santa Fe's historical district.  Its Romanesque revivalist architecture differs significantly from the adobe style that otherwise dominates Santa Fe.  In that it is in some senses refreshing.  Here is a shot of the building's west facade.

Following is another shot I took at night showing the same facade being bathed in artificial light.

There are a few statues that grace the front of the church.  The statue that caught my attention was the bronze of St. Francis . . . and his dog (wolf?).

Later I realized that I could pose the statue directly in line with the cathedral's rose window.

The exterior was nicely detailed, as in the following.

The interior was, I thought, equally interesting.  Here, first, is a standard shot from the rear of the nave.

And another closer to the sanctuary.

Here is a shot from the front of the nave looking back toward the the rose window.

And finally a side shot midway up the nave showing some of the stained glass windows.

The cathedral is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Santa Fe.


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  1. CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI was so interesting. I read the captions and find you explain it well.