Monday, May 15, 2017


During our stay in Santa Fe, we did not visit the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, even though it was situated directly across the street from our hotel.  However, the museum included a couple of courtyards open to the street, one of which featured an unusual white plaster sculpture that caught my attention.  Here are a number of shots that I took of this piece of art.

Because this sculpture was a stark white, I was able to underexpose the shot to isolate the sculpture from its background.  Converting the shot to a black and white further reduced any distractions that color in the background could have presented.

What drew me to this piece were the cracks in the plaster, which I am confident were intentional.  For whatever reason, in this last shot I chose to cut off a portion of  the head and to leave a space on the right side of the image.


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  1. Pictures are great!! I read how you were able to bring out the stark white against the black background