Tuesday, February 7, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, I was happy to observe an unusual dense morning fog and took some photos in a nearby municipal park.  This morning we were "blessed" with another foggy morning, so I got my camera out again and took some more shots.

The first two are of the same stand of woods at the same municipal park, Virmond Park.

The first thing to note here is that both of the photos are in color and not in black and white.  The morning light, together with the fog, served to blunt all color.  I didn't convert these to black and white because I thought the modest amount of color added a bit of character to the shots.

I actually took perhaps 20 shots in this stand of woods and kept only these two.  My primary criterion was composition.  I was trying to keep some sort of balance among the more prominent trunks, whatever that might mean.  I also thought I had learned something from the prior shoot in terms of limiting the shots to the portion of the trees above the "grass line."  In post processing I didn't have to make many modifications to the shots.

I then visited a small tree farm on the west side of town, and took the following shot (among many others that I discarded).

This shot is a bit too "spare," but it does serve to emphasize the fog.  I thought of cropping the shot more horizontally, but decided to leave the negative space above the trees.  For the record, I did convert this to a black and white.

Finally, I visited a private property further to the west that I have photographed before.  I felt a little uncomfortable (actually very uncomfortable) standing on someone's property to take pictures.  And even though I had my tripod, I took this shot handheld.  I ramped up the ISO to 1000 to reduce exposure time.  For the record, this was shot at an aperture of f/6.3 for 1/100th second.  I didn't mind that the aperture reduced the depth of field, but my main concern was to emphasize the complexity of the foreground tree.  So I didn't mind that the background trees were not in as sharp focus.


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  1. John, I love your pictures of fog. Thanks for sharing