Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I first visited the Milwaukee's Tripoli Shrine Center at a previous Doors Open Milwaukee event a couple of years ago and decided to go back during this year's event because I had a new camera with more wide-angle reach.

The architecture of this building reflects the Middle Eastern motif of this branch of the Masonic organization.

I like the onion-shaped domes, but because of their position they are a bit difficult to photograph.  Here is a shot from the east side of the building that does a better job.

And then there are a couple of photogenic stone (molded concrete?) camels at the front entrance.

The interior is easier to photograph and the best feature is the rotunda under the building's central dome.  Here are a few shots, including one of the dome I took by placing the camera on the floor directly under the center of the dome, pointing up.

Hopefully, this gives a good idea of the architecture of that space.

Finally, I took a few shots of the windows through which the sun was streaming, creating some interesting shadows.  I decided to convert to black and white the shot that I kept to emphasize the shadowing.


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