Wednesday, September 21, 2016


St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church was one of the venues for the 2016 Doors Open Milwaukee event.  The church is located just northwest of the downtown area and just east of the the main north-south freeway, I-43.  As with many of Milwaukee's older religious structures, this church's location is somewhat unfortunate, as many of its traditional membership have moved to the suburbs.  But the church, first opened in 1890, is very impressive, both inside and out.  Here is a shot of the exterior.

The spire on the right is 197 feet high.

I was the only visitor when I first came and went back to my car to retrieve my tripod to compensate for the much lower interior light.  Here is a shot from the rear of the nave.

I was struck by how lovely the interior is, particularly the pastel tones and the lighting on the archwork, which added a lightness that many church interiors lack.

The altarpiece looks delicate and, like most such pieces, seems busy to my taste.

But what I did like was the blue pastel of the ceiling above the apse.

Here is a shot of the rear of the church, including a major pipe organ.

The docents welcomed me to take photos from the balcony.

The church also features some lovely stained glass.


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  1. Really beautiful pictures. Love the stained glass windows