Tuesday, April 26, 2016


On our trip to Tucson earlier this month, we stayed at a B&B ideally located just on the north side of the downtown area, in what is known as the El Presidio historic area.  Here is a shot of the plaque designating the B&B as a historic structure as well as shots of the B&B itself and a nice detail shot that I took in the lovely courtyard that the B&B included.

During our visit I spent some time simply walking around the neighborhood with my camera.  First was a so-called mansion across from our B&B that I converted to a black & white.

Part of what I was looking for were "authentic" humble Southwest architecture, hoping for the shot.  Let's just say it didn't happen.  This is what I did get.

Too bad about the telephone lines in the above photo.

I liked the composition in the following shot, although I didn't like the colors.

I also feel good about the following shot of a single barred window.  The color worked better also.

The most authentic appearing of the neighborhood shots I took was of this restaurant/bar a couple of blocks from our B&B.

One feature that I liked was a low wall that consisted of balusters that were part of the 18th century Spanish built El Presidio fort.  I thought it would be interesting to attempt to capture the vegetation peaking out between the balusters.  I focused on the vegetation in both of the following shots.

It is apparent that the two shots differ significantly in depth of field.  Interestingly, they were both shot at the same relatively narrow aperture of f/11.  However, in the first my lens was set at its maximum telephoto setting of 120 mm; whereas in the second the lens was set at a more normal 55 mm.  It is obvious that focal length makes a difference in depth of field.

Finally, I took the shot below of some poppies in one of the neighborhood yards.  The shot somehow has a soft, pastel feel that I thought worked fairly well.


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  1. Love the pictures the last of the darling flowers are my favorite