Saturday, April 23, 2016


It is likely that most mid-sized cities have a similar shopping area, one that features "alternative" establishments, including hookah and tattoo parlors.  The 4th Avenue district serves that function for Tucson, and early on the Sunday morning during our recent trip there I visited the area with my camera.

One of the establishment on the avenue is a Good Will outlet.  Here are a couple of shots of that.

Colorful, at least.  I like taking archway shots, but this posed evident problems of symmetry.

The use of padlocks to show commitments between individuals is becoming popular, and there were a number of stands along the avenue that were used for that purpose.

Although this was a good shot technically, compositionally it lacked a lot.  I probably would have done better to have forsaken trying to capture the entire heart and just narrowed it down to, say, a single "lobe" of the heart to provide a better closeup of the locks.

Here, as an interlude perhaps, is a curious little sculpture over the doorway of one of the shops.

As I said, tattoo parlors were common along the avenue.

But even more common was the public art on display.  Here are some examples.

I liked the lips, but I thought the most accomplished example was the following.

Here are some closeups of that piece.

Finally is a sandwich shop storefront that I liked for its unpretentious color scheme and clever signage.


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