Friday, February 19, 2016


I confess that I am a bit frugal when it comes to museums.  The Milwaukee Art Museum recently reopened after a major expansion, and I took advantage of the continuing monthly free admission day (now the first Friday of each month) to pay another visit with my camera.

For this post some of the artworks I am showing are pieces that I have not posted previously, including the following.

This second portrait is interesting for its subjects, who appear to be siblings.  But the question is are they men or women.  They appear to have some male characteristics, but they are wearing clothes and jewelry generally associated with women, including earrings and hair decorations.

I loved the following piece of whimsy with the title "King of Sniffles."

I also liked the following painting by Wisconsin born Georgia O'Keefe that is in some ways atypical for her, at least as to subject matter.

Here is a bust of Oliver Cromwell.  I liked that I was able to pose the profile against a dark background and then in post processing to convert the image to a black & white.

And then there were some works that I have shot before.

For me, the real star of the museum is the museum itself.  Here are a few shots that I took this time.

The couple helped to make the above shot.

This last is of the skylights above the corridors leading from the Calatrava atrium to the main museum galleries.  It helped here, I thought, to convert the image to a black & white and to crop it to a narrow horizontal.

I know that I previously included shots of one of the new stairways in the redone gallery area, but I do like how the lighting has been handled in the following.

Finally, the following is of the atrium system of skylights.  I wanted to feature the external "spike" visible through the skylights in the center of the shot.

Probably a shot only an amateur photographer could like.



  1. i looove your photos of the museum

    1. Thanks. If you come back to my site, can you let me know how you found it? Thanks again. John

  2. Photos were great. The leave was my favorite

  3. John, I am new to Milwaukee, and I love the images that you have made. Thank you for sharing them here. It gives me some ideas on exploring and getting to know my new city.

    1. Thanks, Christopher. You're welcome to explore my other posts on Milwaukee locations. And welcome to our city.