Wednesday, November 25, 2015


On our recent visit to Washington's National Gallery of Art, we spent most of our time in the West building, where most of the more traditional art is housed.  We did spend some time in the Sculpture Garden located between the East and West Wings.  We also paid a visit to the East Wing, which is devoted to more contemporary art.  Unfortunately, the East Wing is under renovation and is closed except for the entrance atrium.

Here are a few of the art pieces in the sculpture garden that I shot.

As I was taking a photo of this, another visitor, of a certain age, was lamenting that most younger visitors simply wouldn't know what the actual sized counterpart of this piece was for.

I liked this bare tree, apparently made from polished aluminum, but it posed challenges from a photographic point of view, primarily because of the background clutter.

My favorite shot of this group was of this simple concrete block pyramid.

This was an unorthodox shot that I liked for the subtle shading presented by the blocks.  Converting the image to black & white helped to accentuate that shading.

As mentioned, the galleries in the East Wing are closed for renovation.  I thought the atrium was very interesting architecturally, but unfortunately I didn't take advantage of that.  The only shot I kept was the following.

The single patron helps, but there just isn't enough here to create interest.  The walls are simply too plain.

I did also capture the following whimsical sculpture.

And finally there was a fully abstract brass sculpture outside the entrance to the building.

Perhaps on our next visit we will spend more time in the renovated galleries.


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  1. Good pictures, John. I also like the B&W concrete pymird