Saturday, June 27, 2015


The Twin Cities have a fine science museum, located in downtown St. Paul.  It had been years since we had last visited, so on our most recent trip, we paid another visit.   We were not disappointed.  The museum, while not as large or diverse as Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, is considerably better than anything Milwaukee has to offer.

As usually happens, I found myself shooting exhibits that caught my eye for their abstract or compositional qualities, rather than trying to document our visit more broadly or completely.  Following, then are some of the shots that I got.

A strange exhibit of special plastic triangles on one of the walls:

A nicely presented skeleton of a bull.

An abstract Native American artwork comprised of diamond-shaped pieces of birch bark that had been stained different colors.

A grizzly bear that was simply too large to try to capture in one shot, so I decided to focus on what I thought was its most fearsome feature, one of its paws, including four-inch claws.

A portion of a totem pole.

One of the exhibits on pseudoscience, this one on phrenology--reading personality based on the bumps on one's skull.

A couple of exhibits on light that allowed for some abstracts.

And, finally, the obligatory T-rex skeleton that I converted into a black& white.

Highly recommended.


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