Monday, June 29, 2015


Earlier this month I paid another visit to Pioneer Village, a smallish historic site in northern Ozaukee County.  It consists of a number of structures--homes, school, chapel, blacksmith shop, barn and other rural outbuildings--you get the idea--that have been moved and reconstructed on site and equipped with furnishings and other paraphernalia representative of the era, late 19th and early 20th century.

Following are an admittedly unrepresentative collection of photos of my visit.

First is a shot of the exterior of one of the buildings.  I do like weathered wood, particularly when it is rendered in black and white.  Here I thought it might be interesting to shoot from directly off the building's corner.

And here is another weathered wood photo, this one including a window.  I liked that I placed the window in the corner of the image and that another window on the other side of the building was visible through this one.

Now for some circular objects.

This last is a decorative detail on a screen door.  My idea was to focus on the screening and detail rather than on the exterior scene.

The shot above is nothing really, but I liked the way the natural light was illuminating this old barrel.

And yes, the above was a mannequin in front of a lace curtain window.  A little creepy, actually.

Finally, here are a couple of signs at a railway station that I thought added a note of humor.

I am thinking of posting a print of this last sign in our powder room to see what happens.


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