Saturday, June 27, 2015


One of the historic buildings in downtown St. Paul was nearly razed a number of years ago but was saved by local preservation groups and has been converted into a great venue for such events as wedding receptions.  It is only a few blocks from the Science Museum of Minnesota that we visited on our last trip to the Twin Cities, so we walked over to grab a few photos of this nicely restored Twin Cities landmark.

The building features a large--perhaps too large--central atrium.

I thought getting a shot of the massive skylight might be a good thing, but in fact the feature was simply too large and mundane.

One of the nice surprises was a musical instrument museum that was housed in the building, the Schubert Club Museum.  Even better, the museum was free!  The entry foyer for the museum featured a large "sculpture" comprised of several hundred musical instruments.

Following are a couple of architectural shots, one looking up inside a strange little alcove.

The other is of a side corridor on the main floor of the central atrium.

I thought this last shot worked well, actually.

Here are two additional shots of the exterior of the building.  There did not seem to be any way to get a wide-angle shot.  So the first is a look up; the second a reflection in the glass-clad building across the street.

Finally, I'm throwing in another shot of neighboring buildings that I thought worked well, particularly for the reflections.


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