Monday, May 4, 2015


Historically, Milwaukee is perhaps best known for its beer industry.  To a large extent that is a thing of the past, as the local breweries have been acquired by outside firms.  But the Pabst and Schlitz campuses are still around and are undergoing revitalization as mixed use venues.  The Pabst campus is a good example with some buildings fully renovated and others still in a state of disrepair.  Last weekend I was down with my camera hoping to catch a few shots.  And there parked on a vacant lot on the campus was a vintage beer truck.  (I think.  Did they really transport beer in bulk?)

My guess is that this truck was built sometime in the 1950s and hadn't had a new paint job in 60 years, which only added to its charm.  The left front fender particularly had a nice rust patina.

The rearview mirror had also experienced some issues at some point in the past.

Here is a frontal shot.

And, yes, that is a beer can on the front bumper.

Actually, there were both a Pabst Blue Ribbon can and a Miller High Life bottle on the bumper, but, considering the heritage of the truck and the venue, I chose to remove the bottle but leave the can.


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