Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Salt Lake City has a modest sized zoo only a few minutes from our son's home.  And while we were in Utah over the holidays we visited the zoo one night to see their light show, Zoo Lights.  I brought my camera along.

Our son and daughter-in-law met two other couples there who had children of about the same age, making for a nice tableau.

Most of the light displays featured zoo animals, naturally, including the following.

OK, this last might have been of questionable authenticity.

For the most part, I took these shots by underexposing them by one full f-stop.  Not only did that help to keep the background black, it also allowed me to take the shots at a lower ISO for a given shutter speed.

I also took some shots that incorporated some of the lights-wrapped, snow-clad trees.

Of course, zoos are about animals and there were some in the enclosed buildings, which also gave us the opportunity to warm up a little on a very cold night.  The one interesting animal photo I got was of four monkeys huddled together against the cold who had entwined their tails.


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