Monday, November 10, 2014


In my last post I featured some of the works of art at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  In this post I wanted to include a few images of the facility itself or at least where the artwork was not the primary subject of the photo.

A feature of the museum was the system of hallways leading through the galleries, and the museum was savvy enough to position prominent sculptures at the end of those hallways, as in the following.

I also found myself looking down from the upper floor at the scenes below.

I would have liked to have been directly above the statue in the following image, but that was physically impossible.

Surprisingly, some fall colors were hanging on the Minneapolis, and here is a shot of the park outside the museum.

Barely OK, I thought.  Perhaps I should have incorporated more of the support pillar on the left.  However, then I realized I could shoot the city skyline through an interesting decorative wire screen.  I took a bunch of shots, focusing either on the screen or the skyline and at varying focal lengths with my 24-120 mm lens.  Here was what I thought was the best of those.

This was shot at a middling focal length of 58 mm.  I shot this at the narrowest aperture available with this lens, f/22, with the focus on the skyline.

I saved for last my favorite shot of this visit.

To me this looks almost like a painting, something by Edward Hopper, perhaps.  But in fact I made very few modifications to this shot other than some minor cropping.  There simply wouldn't have been anything to shoot without the figure, who might have been texting his girlfriend.


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  1. Great pictures. Always nice to visit old friends