Tuesday, April 15, 2014


If one defines public art as paintings and sculpture that is in public space available to whoever happens by, then Austin has its share--and perhaps more than its share--of public art.  I found plenty without really trying, some personal and some intended for broader consumption.

Here, without comment, are a few examples of two-dimensional pieces that caught my eye.

And then there were the three-dimensional sculptures that speak to Austin's reputation as a mecca for music.

I also liked this statue of a younger Willy Nelson.

But my favorite was the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn, located on the south side of Lady Bird Lake.

This first was taken on a cloudy, hazy morning, and I thought the image worked best as a black & white.  And here is a closeup, in color, of what I thought was the sculpture's most representative element, the musician's hand on the neck of his guitar.

And then there were the olives perched on the roof of a building.

Not sure what was going on, but, of course, Austin prides itself in behind weird.


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