Tuesday, February 18, 2014


As I mentioned in my last few posts, our good friends, the Deans, invited us to stay with them at their place on Captiva Island, Florida.  How could we possibly say no, particularly knowing that their place had a western exposure and an unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico?  I thought I would wind up this little series of posts with a few shots of the sunsets we were privileged to see during our visit.

Our friends' place includes a screened-in balcony and I thought there might be an opportunity to incorporate the screen into a shot.

A bit weird, maybe. But, as our friends pointed out, with so many opportunities, sunset shots can rapidly dominate one's photo library.  So I tried to diversify just a little.

Of course, sunsets are more than just the sun sitting on the horizon.  They are also color, water, and, in this case, those palm trees.

The next shot is similar to the last one, except the sun had already set, but maybe there's a story there.

Finally, sunsets are also about the event . . . good times with good friends and perhaps a little glass of wine.

Years ago I came across a query in a book that asked how many more sunsets one could expect to see in his or her lifetime--50? 100? 150? More?  Of course that depends on one's circumstances, but it raises a bittersweet question that goes to the heart of it all.



  1. Sunsets are so beau tiful and the screen gave the picture such a different view. BEAUTIFULSHOTS!!!

  2. John, you are truly talented!!! Great shots

    1. Thanks again, Tiffany. Photography has been a great hobby for me. I enjoy it for itself, but it's always nice to get compliments.