Saturday, February 1, 2014


This has been a tough winter, not only for the weather, but for my photography.  The weather has been brutal since early last December, and my ventures outside with my camera have been rare.  Moreover, the tropical dome at Mitchell Park conservatory, my favorite, has been closed for repairs since late last summer.  It finally reopened and I paid a visit to the Domes a couple of days ago.  Still not much to report, but here is what I have to offer.

First is a little plant from the desert dome.  Mundane, really, but it was nicely positioned with little directly behind it, so I didn't have to worry about background distractions.

I wanted to include the stem in the lower right, just for the sake of composition.

And then there was my entry for most ugly plant.  Warts and all.

In the unorthodox category, here is a shot of the base membranes of some pronghorn ferns growing out of a side wall.  Here what attracted me was the texture of the base membranes.

More traditionally, from the tropical dome is a shot of a variant of a peacock plant.  My favorite peacock plant has disappeared from the dome, unfortunately.

Speaking of leaves, I did like the following shot, also from the tropical dome.

I also noticed an innocuous looking plant from the show dome that I caught in the following two shots.

Finally, a more traditional floral shot of an orchid in the Tropical Dome.

Here I wanted to focus just on the top front edge of the blossom and let the remainder go soft.

It was fun returning to the Domes, but I'm still in a bit of a funk.


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  1. What refresing pictures of flowers close up, which are my favorites.