Sunday, November 3, 2013


I first visited the Loyalty Building as part of the 2013 Doors Open Milwaukee event back in September.  The building, located in downtown Milwaukee, has been converted into a boutique hotel.  It features a skylight-lit central atrium that is gorgeous.  So I went back in late October for another look. It's still gorgeous.  I wanted to get some shots different from those I took at the Doors Open event, but most of them look pretty much the same, except there were fewer people to get in the way.

I did like the following, more vertical shot, which does a nice job of featuring reflections of the skylight in the atrium's lower windows.

I've said this before, but it is worth taking the time to get the camera properly centered.  A shot that is not completely horizontal can be corrected by cropping, but there is no way to completely correct a shot that is not properly centered, and being off by only an inch or two can make the difference.

I also took a few "level" shots of the atrium, including the following.

Finally, one of the main reasons I went back to the Loyalty Building was to try to capture the lines of the stairway leading to the lower level.  At the Doors Open event there were always people milling around.  Not the worst to have people in a shot, but not if they are moving all the time.  This was probably the best of the stairway shots, which I converted to a black & white.

Not bad but a wider angled lens would have helped here.


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