Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have continued to check out the classic car rallies at the Highland House, which is located a couple of miles from my home.  Although any classic car is welcome each week, the organizers do focus on different categories of cars each week.  Last week it was "orphan cars," car brands that are no longer produced.  And the clear star of the show, at least in my mind, was a 1937 Oldsmobile.  The car's owner was understandably proud of his car and was gracious in showing it to me and in encouraging me to take photographs of it.

The car's body was in great shape.  The owner stated that he had owned the car for about five years and admitted that he had actually done very little to the exterior.  Most of the work he had done was in terms of the cars mechanics.  The car included a number of great design features, including taillights . . .

. . . and a split rear window.

But the greatest feature, the one that made the car a real standout, was the grille.

What is unique about this model is what the owner referred to as the "waterfall" feature.  The metal pieces extending back from the front of the grille were curved upward.  As a result, from most angles the interior of the engine compartment was not visible.  The result was a strong art deco quality most noticeable in the above shot but also evident in the following couple of shots that include the grille as well as the headlights.

Very nice.


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  1. Great pictures of old classic cars. Would Fran have loved to see these