Monday, July 22, 2013


Last weekend I was in Denver visiting family and stayed at a Holiday Inn on the northeast side of the city.  The hotel was generally undistinguished, as one might expect.  However, it did hold some interest from the point of view of interior design.  The 11 floors of indifferent rooms were built around a rectangular atrium, and banners had been suspended from the skylight.  I felt that the mix of relatively light colors created a nice overall effect that I tried to capture with my camera.  My room was situated on the 5th floor--about halfway up--and these shots were taken from that level.

Here is wide-angle shot that includes the reception desk area.

And here are a few more that include just the balconies, banners, and bank of elevators.

Here is one more shot of a seating arrangement on the lobby floor that I was able to shoot from nearly directly overhead.

This was taken in the morning and there is blue sky from the central skylight being reflected off of the glass surface of the table in the middle of the area rug.

Except for this last shot, the shots were taken after dark, when the only significant light sources were the interior lighting fixtures.  As a result, I had ramped up the ISO to 800-1000, with the aperture set at f/6.3 or f/7.1.  Even then, the exposures ranged from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds, extremely long for handheld.  Fortunately, I was able to brace the camera using the balcony ledge for support to avoid camera shake and keep the images relatively sharp.  I took a few more shots the following morning when there was sunlight illuminating the atrium, but they appeared "flat" compared to those from the prior evening.


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  1. Beautiful shots of the Goliday Inn in Denver. Great time we had with our sister.