Sunday, June 9, 2013


The Milwaukee Art Museum is more than an architectural masterpiece; it is actually an art museum.  So when I took advantage of the monthly free admission day, I took some photos not just of the architectural detail (see my prior post) but also of the museum's art collection.  Here again, I tried to focus on atypical artwork (or parts of artwork).  So here goes.

First is a black & white of a sculpture that is either newish or that I had missed on prior visits.

She looks awfully young, and he looks like someone not to be trusted.  There is clearly only one thing on his mind.

And here is another sculpture of a reclining female.

Generally, I had to ramp up the ISO to get fairly steady shots for my handheld camera.  This was taken at an ISO of 400 for 1/60 second.

And here is another painting that I had not noticed before.

The painting itself was not very large, perhaps a foot square.  And I admit that I was attracted to it primarily because of its flashy purple frame, not the actual painting.  However, in post processing I noticed that the art itself was really quite interesting, as shown in the following detail.

I really like the stylized lines.  Observe, for example, the figure's hands.  Next time I will make a point of coming back to this.

I particularly liked the following representation of a young girl's face in one of the larger paintings.

A little more representational than the following folk art pieces.

Frankly, it looks like the artist of the above piece got one of the subject's eyes upside down.  But I  confess that I like it that way.

And then there was this.

Batman and Robin?  I really need to pay more attention to descriptions of what the artists were trying to portray.

Finally, in the main lobby of the Calatrava addition there was a neon sculpture.  I played around with the image in post processing, finally deciding to show it as underexposed to eliminate some of the distractions that would remain in a normally exposed image.


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  1. The pictures are great, and the comments made me smile...a lot!