Thursday, June 27, 2013


As I was wandering around the Pabst brewery campus the other evening, not being sure what I was looking for, I spotted what I believe is called bull's eye glass in the door to the entrance of a pub still in business in the area which is otherwise fairly deserted.  What caught my attention was not so much the bull's eye glass as the fact of the buildings behind me that were being reflected in the glass.  The light from the evening sun was warming the buildings' colors which were being caught by the glass.

Here is a shot of the doors.

I probably should have taken a photo of the full double doors, but I wanted to make sure the reflections in the two bull's eye panes were highlighted.

Here is a close-up of one of the four-paned panels to show more detail.

The overall concave surface of the glass has flipped the image upside down so that the blue of the sky shows in the bottom portion of the pane.

Finally, here is a close-up of just one of the bull's eye panes.

In this case most of the pane is flat enough that the building behind me was right side up but mightily distorted.  However the concave bull's eye itself is throwing that portion of the reflection upside down.  I think that's a tree in the lower right of the bull's eye.  I did like the abstract patterns that the glass was creating.

As I said, it was the warm evening light that brought this to my attention.  Recognizing this, I have found myself venturing out more often on these summer evenings when I have the advantage of the warm horizontal light.


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