Wednesday, April 24, 2013


On my way home from the Holy Hill basilica last weekend I came across a building in the community of Hubertus that looked like I was the one who had built it, both in terms of the quality of its workmanship (extremely poor) and in terms of its overall architectural style (ugly).  So I stopped and took a few photos.  In addition to the general overall dilapidation of the building, I was attracted to the grain of the wood siding.  I thought a number of the shots benefited by conversion to black & white.

Here is what the building looked like from the front.

And from the side.

Yes, the camera was level for this shot.

I also took a few detail shots.  I wanted to feature the wood grain and at the same time include one or more features of interest.  Here are a couple of shots that included windows.

I think both of these shots would have benefited by having the windows represent a smaller portion of the overall image.

Here are a couple of other detail shots that I left in color.

I did like the weathering of the red paint on the door.

A close look at these shots reveals that some of the wood seems relatively new (for example, the vertical piece next to the hinge in the above shot) and some appears old and very weathered (for example, the pieces on the right side in the shot featuring the rusty latch.  And that raises the question of why anyone would continue to keep this building standing.  I peered inside but the building didn't seem to be serving any function at this point.

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  1. I love your pictures of old barns and houses. Great pictures