Thursday, March 14, 2013


We discovered that Scottsdale actually has four libraries, including a centrally located Mustang Library, when we needed to find a place offering both internet access and printing services.  What caught my attention about the Mustang branch were the bright primary colors in which the Southwestern styled building was painted, including, unusually, a lavender.  The next day I returned with my camera to take a few shots.  Here was the result.

I think that the first two shots are interesting but flawed.  In this first shot, I liked the shadows being cast by the entryway pergola, but the "clutter" in the lower right didn't do anything to help the composition.

And I liked the intersecting curved lines in the following shot.  However, I do wish the waste basket didn't play such a prominent role.  The three-tiered structure also doesn't add much to the composition.

Following is another shot that works much better.  It takes nice advantage of the shadows being cast by the pergola, including the bench.  I also liked how the shot combines the simple lines of the building with the more complex lines of the courtyard plants.  Finally, the arch acts as a framing device.

Here are a couple more shots that are more abstract (i.e., not as clearly identifiable).

Finally, I took a few shots with a wider view, to showcase the different colors incorporated in the building's structure.

Overall, I was really pleased with these shots.

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