Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Appaloosa is the newest and northernmost branch of the Scottsdale library system, opening in 2009.  Although it doesn't have quite the architectural impact that the Mustang and Arabian branches have, it does have some notable features.

The most noticeable is that the color of the finish of the steel cladding of the building varies between aqua and lavender, depending on the angle between the viewer and the surface of the building, as in the following shots.

At a perpendicular angle, the color is lavender; as the angle becomes oblique, the color changes to aqua.  It is difficult to illustrate this feature with still photos, but it is obvious once you walk around the building and see the colors changing.

The second unusual aspect is that the building features rows of windows that spell out in Morse code the library's name: Appaloosa Library.

I didn't confirm this; I am taking their word for it.  Here is a view of some of the windows from the interior.  Just a bit weird.

The other feature of interest in the interior was the ceiling ductwork.

One may debate the wisdom of ceiling's "unfinished" look, but at least it makes for interesting abstracts.

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