Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I had such a good time taking photos at the Scottsdale Mustang Library that I decided to return a few days later to see if I could better my prior shoot.  Not really, but it was still fun trying to take advantage of the library's lines and colors.

Here's a shot similar to one from my last visit that I thought worked particularly well.

I really like the patterns of shadows cast by the pergola above the entryway to the library.  So here's more of the same.

OK, so maybe this is a bit too much and too abstract.

And here are some wider angled exterior shots to take advantage of the building's colors and lines.

Finally, I took a few interior shots.  What caught my attention was a stunning brick mural of, what else, mustangs.

The mural was actually much larger than this, but I needed to limit the shot to a portion in order to eliminate anything extraneous, such as desks and other library stuff.

What made this even more interesting was that the mural is bas relief.  Ken Williams, the artist who created the mural in 1989, could have pre-designed the individual bricks and then had them put together in proper order to create the mural.  Alternatively, the may have "carved" the mural from a plain brick wall.

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  1. I love your photo clips, John! The first picture stood out to me. I think they have chosen a great color for the pergola. It's very pleasant to the eyes! The shadow effect gives the place a vibrant setting as well. There's no need to make an effort in adding some details in the area because its beauty can already by appreciated by just sitting on the bench.