Friday, March 8, 2013


After somewhat disappointing photo shoots at both the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden, I returned to downtown Scottsdale in hopes of finding subjects of interest.  I found myself at the back of some sort of antique store in Scottsdale's Old Town and noticed some corrugated metal exterior paneling that, frankly, had seen better days.  But I liked the texture and patina (aka rust) that the paneling exhibited and took a number of shots.

The day was overcast (unusual for Scottsdale) which muted somewhat the shots that I took, but there was enough going on to create interest--at least in my mind.  Here are a few of the shots that I took.

I liked this shot, though think it would have been better to have placed the seam off-center, which is what I did in the following shot.

Obviously, these are shots of essentially the same portion of the paneling, but I thought the second shot was a bit more interesting because it included more of the seam between sections of the paneling.  At first, I thought the white streaks might have been bird droppings.  However, on closer inspection, it appears that they are streaks of paint that had leaked through nail holes when the other side was painted.  In other words, originally the paneling had been placed with the other side exposed and turned the other side up.

The next day I returned to take some more shots.  This time it was sunny, creating more contrast across the corrugation.  Here are a few of those shots.

Initially, I liked the second set of shots better because they include more contrast.  However, upon reflection, I feel the first set offer a bit more subtlety.

OK, so I may be the only person alive who is enamored with these shots: Geri clearly stated that they would never hang on any of the walls of our home.  But they serve to feed my need for intelligible abstracts, and I like them quite a lot.

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