Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In March of 2012 when we were in Arizona, I visited a classic car dealership in Scottsdale and posted photos from that visit (see post of 3/22/12).  In 2013 I did the same thing.  I would have to say that the quality of cars at the dealership this year was not as strong as it had been the prior year.  One of the employees told me that the dealership was moving to a different location shortly, and that may explain why things looked a bit neglected. I did, though, take photos of some of the cars that were on site.  Here are a few of those shots.

There was an Edsel on the lot that was in excellent condition.

I liked that I took this second shot off-center.

Not sure what would possess someone to own an Edsel, other than the novelty of owning an iconic loser.

Most of the cars in excellent condition were in the showroom, including a Porsche . . .

a Ford . . .

and a Corvette.

It was a Saturday afternoon and there were a few prospective customers wandering around.  I would assume that most individuals looking to purchase a classic car would have a specific make and model in mind--their heart might be set on a late 50s Ford, for example.  However, the individuals I saw seemed to be wandering around looking at any or all of the cars on offer.  That leads me to think that they were just curious and not really serious.  But what would I know?

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