Sunday, January 13, 2013


On my recent visit to the Milwaukee County Zoo, with only a couple of exceptions, I was a little disappointed with the opportunities I had to get good shots of the animals (or at least my ability to take advantage of the opportunities I had).  One of those exceptions was the tigers.  They were inside for the winter--or at least for the day--which means they were behind glass, and that can present its own problems of glare and smudges, but it can also mean that the animals are a lot closer.  The enclosure included three cats, one of which was sleeping and not really in a position to be photographed.  A second cat was lying toward the rear of the enclosure but very photogenic.

But the real star was a third cat lounging about six feet behind the glass and looking totally bored.

But at times he or she was also looking directly at my camera.

Here is an essentially uncropped close-up.

And here's the cat just showing off.

Pretty nice, eh?

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