Sunday, January 6, 2013


I previously visited Milwaukee's City Hall in early 2012 (see post of February 18, 2012).  I decided to pay another visit with my camera this last week.  This time I wanted to concentrate on trying to get photos either that I did not get or that I was disappointed with what I got last time.  

I did take a number of shots of the larger scene, as I had before.  Here are a couple from the fourth floor . . .

and a couple from the first floor.

I like this last shot best because it doesn't have the "clutter" that the others have.  In addition, I found more pleasing the curved portions of the balconies in this shot.

This time I did a better job of photographing the balcony railings, which are comprised of wrought iron panels.  In the following shot I worked hard to position one of the panels directly in front of an exterior window to give the shot symmetry.

OK, but the patterns in the panel are obscured by the different shades of light reflected in the floor behind the panel.  Here is another shot where I was able to position a panel in front of a more uniformly lit background.

Better, but the wrought iron is fully silhouetted and does not reflect all of the detail in the wrought iron.  Here is a close-up that does a better job.

I took this with the lens wide open, minimizing depth of field to avoid having the railing on the other side of the narrow atrium creating a clutter distraction.

Here is a closer shot of the snake (or maybe dragon?) design . . .

which I thought also worked as a B&W.

In my earlier post I also included some shots outside of the front entrance to the building that features very substantial roman arches.  The problem in the past was that the sun was creating too much unwanted contrast.  This time it was overcast, so there was no sun to deal with.

As I stated before, Milwaukee has the distinction of being exactly 99 years older than me, so it will be celebrating its 167th birthday at the end of this month.

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