Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is the second post from my visit to the MACC Fund Car Show on Sunday, September 9.  The MACC Fund is short for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer and was founded in Milwaukee in 1976.  It has been a major sponsor for fundraising efforts since that time.

In this post I want to focus on a few of the wild cars, both in terms of style and color, that were featured at the show.  Let's face it, this first car was not normal.  The colors would never have been imagined when this car was first conceived.

But I liked it anyway.  Here is a closeup of a headlight.

The same could be said for the following car.

And here is what appeared to be a cousin of the above two.

I particularly liked some of the details on this car.

But my favorite of this group was a beautifully finished coupe painted in an iridescent burnt orange.  Gorgeous.

Here is a closeup of the wheel.  There was a minor problem with the wheel (a scrape), but the design was still impressive.

I only wish I had taken photos of the car as a whole, but the details were really impressive.

Even the license plate was fun.

More to follow.

Taken with my Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4 lens.

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  1. I want to paint my car this color. Do you by chance know what color orange this?