Friday, March 2, 2012


My wife and I decided to spend the month of March in Arizona and chose to drive out rather to fly.  I had thought that if I saw something during the drive I would stop to take some shots.  For the most part, that didn't happen.  Even though I saw a number of possible shots, I just didn't feel that I should take the time to try to get some photos.  However, there were a couple of times when I did pull out my camera.

The first came when we stopped for lunch in McLean, Texas, a little town out on the flat plains of the Texas panhandle.  The only place we found to eat in the town was the Red River Steakhouse. which proved to be an authentic "western" establishment.  What initially caught my attention were the walls covered with license plates.

Note the Wisconsin plate in the upper center of the first photo (KBEEF55).

The outside was interesting also.

Including the following signs.

A second opportunity was an auto museum in Santa Rosa NM, where we spent our second night on the road.  I spotted the museum as we were driving back from dinner.  It was close to sunset and the light was diminishing, so I hurried back with my camera to get whatever I could.  There were perhaps 8-10 vintage cars parked out front and the museum signs promised more than 30 cars inside.

The museum was closed for the day--perhaps a good thing considering the shape the cars outside were in.  Although the yellow cab was actually in pretty good shape . . .

the rest were in very bad shape and had obviously undergone no restoration.

That's our Outback behind the Edsel.

On the third day we stopped at a "rest area" that consisted of a string of outbuildings that served as restrooms and that were just one step above port-a-potties.  In any event, the rest area was across from the stark landscape of the western plains that was lit by the early morning sunlight.

We had been looking at a very horizontal landscape for the last day.  So I decided the best way to to handle these shots was to crop the shot horizontally.  Here is a second shot that I cropped even more horizontally.

Finally, here are a couple of shots I took from the balcony of our apartment in Scottsdale, reflecting the faux spanish architecture . . .

including the play of shadows across the stucco of the simple walls.

I turned this last shot into a black & white to accentuate the shadows.

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