Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Antelope Island, situated in the Great Salt Lake, was formerly a ranch owned by the Mormon church and known as the Fielding Garr Ranch.  The main ranch buildings are located on the eastern shore and toward the south end of the 15-mile long island.  It was an operating ranch until 1981, at which time the state of Utah acquired the island and converted it into a state park.  The Utah state park service maintains the ranch buildings and grounds, which give the appearance of a ranch that was simply abandoned with everything left in place, including a fabulous 1948 Dodge truck.  I found myself taking a lot of photos of the truck.

It isn't clear if the truck is operational, but it has clearly seen better days, both outside . . .

. . . as well as inside.

I especially liked the various colors of patina that the bare metal of the truck presented.

I liked the simplicity of the door handle shot, though it might be more powerful if the image were more tightly cropped around the handle and lock.

There were other interesting objects scattered around the grounds that offered photographic opportunities also.  Here are a few.

I felt the above shot worked better as a B&W.  However, in the following shot the fact of the missing tine got "lost" when the image was converted to a B&W, so I left it in its original colors.  I thought that the texture of the corrugated siding provided an "historical" feel to the shot.

The pattern of this wrought iron piece against the white background appeared to provide some interesting opportunities, and it clearly worked better as a B&W.  However, I was disappointed in the shot because I could not get a proper balance across the overall image without partially rotating the image, which would have presented problems because of the concrete blocks.

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