Saturday, May 20, 2017


We had a great time on our recent visit to New Mexico, and I thought I would wind up my account of the trip with some photos that didn't seem to fit in any of the other posts.

First, a few flora shots.  The first was taken outside the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.

I took this second of some oak leaves during our hike in Bandelier National Monument.

And the third below was on the grounds of the Casa San Ysidro museum in Corrales.

In addition to the Museum of Art and History, while in Albuquerque we visited the city's Museum of Natural History and Science.  It was an excellent museum, but not as photogenic as I had hoped.  Here is one shot of a sabre-toothed tiger in silhouette that I thought worked in black and white.

Then there were doorways.  In reviewing the photos that I kept from the trip, I realized that I took a lot of shots of doorways, many of which were included in previous posts for the trip.  Here are a couple that were not.

This latter was actually part a wider shot that included these windows.

Finally,  in Santa Fe I came across a pair of ornate wooden doors that had great texture.  I probably should have tried to get a shot of both doors, but wound up settling for this closeup.

Oner of the ways that I measure the success of a vacation is by the rate at which I take photos on the trip.  By that measure, this was a great vacation, despite some spotty weather.


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  1. Odds and ends were some wonderful photos. Loved the B&W Saber tooth Tiger