Saturday, May 20, 2017


During our stay in Albuquerque, my wife and I visited the city's Museum of Art and History, located in the Old Town area.  I liked the museum a lot.  As its name indicates, it is a combination of an art and a history museum.  The first gallery that we visited was a special exhibit devoted to Hollywood.  The gallery was filled with movie posters, both old and recent, as well as a good deal of other movie and television memorabilia, including costumes from various movies and TV shows.  It was excellent.  Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in this gallery, so I have nothing to show.  However, photography was permitted in the other galleries, and I enjoyed the relatively small but interesting art collection.

First a photo of an exterior courtyard.

I liked this shot for its abstract perspective lines.  And somehow it seemed reminiscent of surreal art, perhaps because of its artificial vanishing point and because the art pieces in the courtyard seemed unrelated to one another.

The art that I was drawn to was primarily contemporary.  Here are some examples.

I particularly liked this last piece, though this image only includes a portion of the work of art.  This was actually a sculpture of sorts, consisting of pieces of subtly colored glass set at angles to each other to create unusual reflections.  A careful look reveals that the image has strong but imperfect symmetries.

I was able to underexpose the following spotlighted granite sculpture to turn the background black.

I was not particularly drawn to the historical sections of the museum, which primarily dealt with Albuquerque and New Mexican history.  But on our way out we did visit an exterior sculpture courtyard.  I have to say that I did not find the art in the courtyard particularly noteworthy, but I did like this semiabstract image that I took of the courtyard and that I converted to a black and white.


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