Monday, March 13, 2017


The Island of Hawai'i appears to have its share of feral creatures, including feral cats, goats, chickens, and donkeys.  But I didn't get photos of any of those.  However, I did get shots of a few other critters, including a sea turtle that was snoozing on the beach.

We were cautioned not get too close to these protected animals, but I did take a shot from a distance that I then cropped.

He was obviously having trouble staying awake under the warm midday sun.

On another day I spotted a gecko on a shrub and got the following shot before he scooted away.  Again, highly cropped, but I was happy with the resolution that included an interesting pattern of red spots on its pebbled back.  Yes, this shot is right side up, as the gecko was upside down.

Finally, I was photographing a large palm frond for its semi-abstract patterns.

I noticed that there was what appeared to be a small bit of green vegetation toward the lower right of the image that had gotten hung up between two of the tightly woven leaves.  When I went to brush it away to get a "clean" shot, I realized that it wasn't vegetation but instead a small frog that scurried away when I came close.  It may be hard to pick out in the above shot.  Here is a closeup of the portion of the above shot that features the frog, which couldn't have been more than half an inch across.


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  1. Loved your pictures, especially the turtle. Looks like you are having a great time